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We believe that point of sale should be advanced, user-friendly, reliable, flexible and easy-to-use


To deliver high quality retail POS software and services which are easy to use and developed using the best of technology to empower customers world-wide.


Our mission is to build high quality products and services using the best to technology. Empowering customers to focus on their core business while our products and services help them to improve their margins, productivity and sales.

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Retail POS Software

Cloud-based POS solutions for every company size, across every industry, in every part of the world- this is what eRetail prāna is in a nutshell. It is a unified business management suite that manages all your retail business functions from a single space. Not limited to national boundaries, prāna’s cloud-based retail POS software services are accessible from all over the world. You can wave a big bye to complex hardware, applications and installation processes, because with prāna POS, all you need is a browser and an active internet connection.

Our in-depth knowledge base and user-friendly interface make it easy for you to learn, regardless of your technical abilities. You can gain actionable insights into your business performance with our intuitive interface, franchise features, sales and inventory management, customer relationship tools and security features. You can also micro-manage your business as prāna software logs the quantity of sales, keeps a track of your inventory and let’s you know when to restock.

Retail POS Software

We are the market leaders when it comes to providing comprehensive omnichannel retailing solutions. Safekeeping features and customizable customer profiles are also a highlight. It is a solid choice for those retail businesses that need to assimilate their physical store with an online presence. A simple interface and speedy learning curve are selling points for prāna’s unmatched cloud-based retail POS software. If you are able to find the right POS for your business, it will do much more than just pay for itself. And with us, you can be rest assured about that!

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